Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to start / finish my ride?

Ride Start Time: 4:00 AM (you can start anytime post 4:00 AM)
Ride Finish Time: 12:00 PM (you have to finish before 12:00 PM)

Where can I Cycle?

You can cycle the race from wherever you are in the world, at your own pace.

Some suggestions while choosing your route

  1. Cycle close to home so in case of any emergencies, you are never too far away from getting help.
  2. Avoid routes with a dense traffic as it will affect your pace and also wear helmet as safety always comes first.
How should I track my ride?

To record your activity, a VIGOUR tracking app will be provided by us (Only for Android). For IOS and windows operated mobile phones any other app can be used and post activity they need to submit the data on provided link given by organizers on event day till 12.00 PM.

All android users just have to install the app and login with your registered email ID. When you start your run you just have to start the app and we will do the rest.

Participants will receive the link to download the official tracking APP Vigour (only for Android) via mail and will be active 3 days prior the event.

I have no android phone, then how will I submit data?

You will Receive a mail for data submission process also you can check this on our website from 24 September.

Can I cycle further than the chosen distance

Yes: you can cycle longer but the first section of your cycling will be used as the distance you have entered.

Can I break up my activity into a few divisions and submit my total time?

The distance has to be covered in one go, just like during an on ground. The time taken will be from the start in the app until you have reached the correct distance. If you stop the watch or rest during your cycling the time continues again exactly as you would in a normal race.

When will my medal or other finisher’s goodies be sent?

Official T-shirts (only for Jaipurites) will be given 1 week prior to the ride. Medals will be given/dispatch within 15-20 days post event.

Is there a minimum age to complete a cyclothon?


Minimum Age as on September 27, 2020
100KM 18 yrs
50KM 18 yrs
30KM 15 yrs
20KM 15 yrs
10KM 12 yrs
5KM 10 yrs
2KM 5 yrs
I do not live in Jaipur, can I still register for the event?

Yes. You can participate and contribute towards Fit India from anywhere in the world.

Does the JAIPUR CYCLOTHON 2020 offers refund on the registration?

We do understand that situations may come up where you may request a refund on your registration. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on registrations.

What if the GPS stops working or the area I choose to cycle does not have good network strength?

This is a very commonly asked question and most important of all, thus we would like to request you to choose a track which is not remote and check your mobile gps, network and mobile battery before starting your cycling.

What is the Ideal track to cycle?

Some suggestions while choosing your route

  1. Cycle close to home so in case of any emergencies, you are never too far away from getting help.
  2. Avoid routes with a dense tree cover as it will affect your GPS tracking.
  3. Choose roads with least traffic.
What if I do not receive the right size of my t shirt?

We will provide a detailed size guide in line with industry standards for the benefit of appropriate selection by participants. Since the T-shirts are procured as per auto-populated data entered by participants during registration process, JAIPUR CYCLOTHON will not entertain change of size requests later.

Is wearing a mask through my ride compulsory?

Cyclists are urged to wear masks in line with the safety advisory issued by the local government administration. However, wearing masks during long distance cycling is a potential health risk posing threat to regular breathing and leading to fatal impacts such as cardiac arrest. You are therefore requested to consult your local physician for the same.